Optimal as a service to men and women is considered

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How innumerable kilograms can you succumb weight per month without disputatious consequences?

Harmless amount of weight damage per month, for women, for men?

Optimal for men and women is considered to be a gradual albatross denial of 5-10% of the ingenious for 3-6 months, followed close long-term retention of torso weight. For this, notwithstanding a man with an initial load of 110 kg, the target rig sacrifice for 3-6 months is 5.5-11 kg. Commensurate with explain, on account of 1 month - the amount of load loss will be about 1-3.5 kg. For a mate with a starting load of 90 kg, the objective weight defeat for 1 month resolve be 0.8-3 kg.

Are there grow older differences?

Currently, there are no unequivocal approaches to influence waste in behalf of patients of unique period groups. But excess albatross in children is a split problem that requires an idiosyncratic solicit, which requires a compulsory consultation of a pediatrician, as highly as, if essential, a pediatric endocrinologist and nutritionist.

What if the force is reduced faster than this indicator? What are the risks here?

Leading, it is advantage noting that express weight loss is terribly on occasions crap in the long term. If you reduce bias through 10 kg per month, this will be a clear-cut note instead of the body. In avert, the heart will counsel all its efforts to touch up the conventional firmness weight. In unaffected medical practice, it is not uncommon for people who turn to account last calorie reduction diets and heavily slenderize density strain in a terse epoch of time, after stopping this benevolent of nutrition, apace regain their power with an residual of 5 kilograms or more.

Humble to a low-calorie fare, Russian and unknown medical communities do not urge reducing the calorie intake to less than 1200 kcal/day repayment for women and less than 1500 kcal/day for men.

Also, hurried strain loss can bring solid negative constitution consequences: psycho-emotional disorders, the suggestion of wrinkles on the integument, muscle failing, dehydration, metabolic disorders outstanding to a insufficiency of respected vitamins and minerals, menstrual irregularities in women.

What to do if the weight does not befall off? What indicators to confirm to take that it's not a diet?

Now seriously, without considering all the efforts - the influence does not go away. In such situations, problems with the endocrine glands can be hypothetical: the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, endocrine glands. To assess the functioning of the thyroid occupation, the primary division is the true of the hormone TSH in the blood. To assess the business of the adrenal glands, open tests for cortisol in continually urine, in saliva, as well as a slews of special tests, including the on of blood cortisol in accordance with the compact prescribed around the doctor, are used.


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